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York Simcoe Express AAA Zone Tryout Process 2024-2025

York Simcoe Express AAA ‘In Zone’ players that wish to tryout for a AAA team must attend from the first tryout. York Simcoe Express AAA ‘In Zone’ includes Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, Georgina & Schomberg

For ‘Out of Zone’ players, wishing to attend tryouts, a Waiver/Form 1 from the players respective AAA Zone or AAA Home Centre must be presented prior to stepping on the ice as per OMHA Policy.  

U18 In Zone Players; Players are eligible to Tryout and participate for any U18 AAA Team in the Member to which their Residential AAA Centre/ Zone/Club belongs. See zones above.

U18 Out of Zone players;  In order to play for a U18 AAA Team outside of the Player’s residential Member the Player requires a Release from: (a) their residential home AAA Centre/Zone/Club; or (b) their residential home AAA Centre/Zone/Club Member. The method of Release will be determined by the Player’s Member Partner. Once a Release is obtained the Player may Tryout for any Team in the OHF at the U18 AAA level. At the end of each season all Players that were sixteen years old prior to December 31 of the season just completed may remain with the U18 AAA Team they played for or are Released to join another U18 AAA Team in accordance with Playing Regulations K3-K5.

Permission to Skate (PTS) Form

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) requires that every player trying out for a AAA team provide the AAA Zone/Centre with a Permission to Skate (PTS) Form from their Home Centre prior to stepping on the ice.

Please contact your home centre with respect to how and where to obtain at PTS Form; each home centre of the YSE AAA Zone does this process differently. Be sure to review the process of your home centre carefully for deadlines to request a PTS Form and if you are required to register the player with your home centre regardless of the player's plan.


Try-Out Registration Process/Fees

Registration Tryout fee is $60 for 90-minute tryout and $40 for 60-minute tryout. Payment for tryouts must be paid prior to each tryout.

Registration/Payment will NOT be accepted at any arena. Please note, in-person registration will not be available the day of the tryout at the administration desk.

Registration is non-refundable after the first tryout has begun. If payment was made PRIOR to the first tryout and a refund is requested, a refund will be issued.


Try-Out Schedule

The try-out schedule will be posted SOON
Link: Tryout Schedule (York-Simcoe Express) ( 

 Waiver/Form 1 Process

If a player is requesting a Waiver/Form 1 from the YSE AAA Zone, registration and payment for tryouts MUST still be processed online and the player is expected to attend the tryouts. Waiver/Form 1 forms will only be addressed by a YSE AAA Zone Executive Member with approval from the Head Coach of their age group and is at the discretion of the Coach. The Coach will advise the Executive of the name of player released after each tryout.  The Waiver/Form 1 will be done electronically this year and the Head Coach will provide you with instruction on how to obtain it.


A reminder that players residing within our Association boundaries that wish to tryout for a YSE AAA Zone team are expected to attend and be present at the first tryout.

 Player Injury / Illness/ Other Absence

The VP of Hockey Operations may excuse a player from tryouts if a player is injured or for other good cause. The player/parent must submit a written request to the VP of Hockey Operations as soon as possible, but in any case, not after tryouts have commenced.

Please submit your written request to Vice Chairperson/Hockey Ops, Dave Heath [email protected]

Player Safety

Players are reminded to wear proper equipment as per OMHA rules. This includes, mouth guards, neck protection and goalie 'dangles' (plastic neck guards).  Players not wearing appropriate protection in compliance with OMHA rules will not be permitted on the ice surface.

Registration links will be available in April 2024

PTS forms and/or waivers MUST be uploaded to the player’s registration. This only needs to be done once during initial registration. Should a PTS form and/or waiver not be uploaded, the player will not be permitted to skate at the tryouts in which they registered for.

Please note PTS forms, waivers and payments will NOT be accepted at the tryout registration desk.