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Jul 05, 2023 | Kristina McKercher | 387 views
Open YSE Positions
The YSE Board currently has two open volunteer positions to fill for this upcoming season. If you are interested in one of these positions, please send an email to our current president.

This is your opportunity to be a part of the YSE Board and give back to your community and association. Thank you in advance.

Sean Sprogis
Email Address: [email protected]

The two positions that are vacant are:

1) Director of Community Relations (2 year term)

2) Director of Events/Fundraising  (2 year term)

1) Director of Community Relations The Director of Community Relations shall be responsible for the development and execution of YSEHA’s community relations programs The Director of Community Relations shall: (i) Support the YSEHA’s mission, vision, and values by facilitating projects related to a commitment to community relations. (ii) Develop community relations programs that represent YSEHA as an active and giving member of the York Simcoe community. (iii) Develop a YSEHA charitable philanthropy strategy on behalf of the Association.

2) The Events / Fundraising Director shall:

The Director of Events shall be responsible for organizing, mobilizing and/or coordinating the staff, event participants, officials, and administrators for the successful execution of an event.

An event director can be said to be an individual or person who takes care of or is in charge of all ramifications of event production.

Some of the Events at YSE include the year end banquet or association organized outings.

The Fundraising Director shall be responsible to ascertain an approximate amount of revenues to be received from fundraising and / or sponsorship activities.

i) Supervise Executive fundraising / sponsorship activities. ii) Provide guidelines when appropriate, on fundraising activities for individual teams. iii) Carry out other duties as assigned by the Board, Executive Committee, or the President.